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Download Tracking Social Distancing Using mmWave Radar Application Note

Tracking Social Distancing Using mmWave Radar

Effective application examples have used mmWave radar to track people in confined spaces such as break rooms, hallways, and retail establishments. An algorithm to track people can be updated to react when multiple people are standing close together. This feature acts as an impartial reminder to maintain social distance to minimize the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19.


  • Monitors room occupancy to impartially enforce social distancing 
  • Visual and audio alerts to signal social distancing violations
  • Anonymous tracking that does not collect personal information including imagery of persons 
  • Miniature sensor smaller than an inch cube permits easy mounting 
  • Field of view approximately 120 deg x 120 deg
  • All signal processing and detection algorithms performed on-chip with integrated DSP, HW Accelerator, and MCU


  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • People Counting and Tracking
  • Building Automation
  • Health and Safety Monitoring

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Application Note (1)

Download Tracking Social Distancing Using mmWave Radar Application Note

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Tools & Software


mmWave Software Development Kit (SDK)*

*Software included with purchase of mmWave Radar Sensor

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