Production-Intent Time of Flight Solutions for Robotics and Other Applications Needing Intelligent Spatial Sensing

D3 Engineering supports your product development team with our expertise in Time of Flight solutions. We understand image sensors, optics, video analytics, and imaging system design. Working with a wide range of image sensors and processors, we design and optimize the complete camera chain: image capture, image processing, encoding, display, optics, motion, and wired or wireless connectivity. We help you add value to your products by giving your users more power to see and control their world. Let us help you get to market faster, while reducing the risks and costs of new product development.

Design Services

We offer a range of product development services. We can deliver full-cycle embedded system development: hardware and firmware design, application software development, validation, and transition to manufacturing. Or we can help your product development team with specific tasks such as processor selection, system architecture, sensor integration, and algorithm integration and optimization.

D3TCM-9036 Time of Flight Camera Module

This camera module uses the Analog Devices ADDI9036 and a VGA CCD that enables users to capture a 640×480 depth map of a scene, providing up to 4x higher resolution than many other TOF systems on the market. This allows users to detect and measure the distance to smaller and thinner objects that would otherwise be invisible to other ToF systems. The camera module supports frame rates up to 30 fps, and is equipped with four VCSEL illuminators at 940 nm for better operation with partial sunlight and for ranges up to 13 m. It is designed as a stand-alone sensor with a variety of interface choices. It also uses the D3CM interface natively, enabling many interfacing options including GMSL2, FPD-Link III, and CSI-2, making it compatible with even more processing options offered by D3 Engineering and others.


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