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Robotic Inventory Scanning Using mmWave Radar, FPD-Link III Cameras, and the Texas Instruments TDA4x Platform

This mobile robot uses Texas Instrument’s TDA4VM processor on the SK-TDA4VM Starter Kit, TI’s DLP3021LEQ1EVM DLP Projector, and D3’s FS-6843AOP-IMX390 Fusion Sensor. This demonstrator is developed to integrate with Scuttle Robot’s mobile robot platform using Robot Operating System (ROS). The robot navigates autonomously, tracking its location via a D3 camera module using an overhead April Tag. It is configured to visit multiple inventory locations, and then uses another D3 camera module to image the shelves and identify inventory with Data Matrix 2D codes. It can image and identify multiple codes in the same scene. It can also detect obstacles with mmWave Radar while in transit, and can detect, identify, and track people and other objects in the scene using the D3 radar/vision fusion sensor. All of these features can be visualized using a remote ROS node.


  • Uses Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Mobile Robot Platform
  • Autonomous Navigation via an Overhead April Tag
  • Inventory Scanning of Data Matrix codes
  • Obstacle Detection using mmWave Radar
  • Object Detection, Identification and Tracking using Vision and Radar Fusion


  • Industrial Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics

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