Embedded vision systems development leveraging low power, reconfigurable, high-performance FPGA silicon.

Get to market faster, with less risk

We use FPGAs to meet your next design challenge, whether it is custom logic, compute acceleration, machine learning, or deep learning. Our FPGA solutions provide many benefits such as I/O flexibility, real-time processing, integration between image sensors and other devices, translation of interfaces between processors and other devices, and high-accuracy camera synchronization.

Our FPGA solutions combined with our camera design experience can help your product development team get to market faster.

Camera design and integration capabilities

  • FPGA Expertise to Bridge LVDS, SLVS, etc. to MIPI CSI-2
  • Rolling and Global Shutters
  • Optics Design and Integration
  • Custom Baseboard Design


  • Transmit and receive high speed MIPI camera and display data to accelerate time to market
    • Versatility: Features that are not available on free IP​
      • Virtual Channel Support​
      • Multiple Data formats​
      • Support for Efinix, Intel, Xilinx, and Lattice FPGAs
    • Risk Reduction: Validated against MIPI analyzer​
    • Cost/Time Savings: Free IP usually has errors and is costly to fix.
    • Customizable: D3 can make changes; free IP is a black box

Technical expertise

With decades of experience, we understand how to get the most from vision processors, image sensors, and optics. We excel at video analytics, imaging system design, real-time image processing, and wired or wireless connectivity.

Embedded systems design services

We offer deliver full-cycle embedded systems development for customers who need an application-specific baseboard to achieve their goals, such as lowest product cost or ability to fit a specific form factor. Or we can help your product development team with specific tasks such as system architecture, sensor integration, and algorithm integration and optimization.

DesignCore® Camera Modules

D3CM-IMX390 Camera Module

D3CM-IMX390 Camera Module

Development Module with Sony IMX390 Sensor and FPD-Link III Interface e
HDR Capable

This FPD-Link™ III camera features the SONY® IMX390 image sensor and 4 GHz FPD-Link™ III  DS90UB953 serializer. The D3CM-IMX390 is unsealed and may be customized with alternative lenses. Use in evaluation and demo systems. Ask about our sealed D3CM camera options.

Download the Datasheet

D3 Rugged FPD-Link camera module OV10640 camera module validated for automotive

D3RCM-OV10640-953 Rugged Camera Module

IP69K Rated with OmniVision OV10640 Sensor and FPD-Link III Interface
HDR Capable

This 1.3 MP FPD-Link™ III camera is a fully-validated, rugged camera module featuring the OmniVision® OV10640 image sensor. It is validated for thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance and is ready for production in automotive and performance-critical industrial applications. Use in evaluation or production systems.

Download the Datasheet

D3CM-IMX390 Camera Module

Additional D3 Camera Modules

For Use With Evaluation Kits or in Production

The D3CM camera product line is continuing to expand.

Ask about our new sensor options:

  • Sony IMX490
  • Onsemi AR0234 (Global Shutter)
  • Onsemi AR0820/821
  • OmniVision OV2311 (Global Shutter, monochrome)

GMSL2 interface and a sealed option for D3CM cameras also coming soon!

Additional Sensor Modules, Rugged Camera Modules, and Camera Modules

Customized Sensor Modules and Camera Modules

For Use With Evaluation Kits or in Production

D3 Engineering’s ODM camera product family features rugged camera modules that are ready for production, as well as board-level cameras and enclosed camera assemblies that we can customize to your requirements.

Work with our design services team to use our DesignCore® Development Platforms or other platforms for rapid technology evaluation, prototypes, and system development. Then rely on us to provide ODM camera modules in the volumes you need for your production systems.