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Download “Obstacle Detection for Vehicle Doors Using mmWave Radar Application Note”

Obstacle Detection for Vehicle Doors Using mmWave Radar

The RS-1843AOPU mmWave Radar Sensor can be used to effectively perform door and lift gate obstruction detection and collision avoidance. The RS-1843AOPU sensor is be mounted inside a vehicle’s door handle to monitor the area surrounding the car for objects like poles, traffic cones, curbs, other vehicles, and even pedestrians. The sensor is powered by 5V supplied via a USB-C cable from a PC. The PC is also used for sensor configuration and visualization. This use-case takes advantage of the onboard DSP and hardware accelerator of the AWR1843AOP to perform fundamental radar calculations and application-specific algorithms.


  • Monitors the area surrounding a vehicle to detect stationary and moving objects
  • Visual and audio alerts to signal object detection
  • Miniature sensor smaller than an inch cube permits easy mounting 
  • All signal processing and detection algorithms performed on-chip with integrated DSP, HW Accelerator, and MCU


  • Automotive Doors and Liftgate Obstacle Detection
  • Automated Parking
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Industrial Vehicles

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Application Note (1)

Download “Obstacle Detection for Vehicle Doors Using mmWave Radar Application Note”

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Tools & Software


mmWave Software Development Kit (SDK)*

*Software included with purchase of mmWave Radar Sensor

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