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Download “Infotainment Gesture Control Using mmWave Radar Application Note”

Infotainment Gesture Control Using mmWave Radar

The RS-6843AOPUA mmWave Radar Sensor can be used to enable gesture control for a vehicle’s infotainment system. The RS-6843AOPUA sensor is placed inside the vehicle, in front of the occupants. The occupants can then control the vehicle’s infotainment system based on the solution’s machine learning classifier that can identify nine unique gestures. These gestures include swipes, rotations (in both directions), snapping fingers, and more. Additional gestures can also be trained as inputs and added to the system as desired. The simple configuration of this solution consists of a sensor connected to a mini PC via a USB cable. This use-case takes advantage of the onboard DSP and hardware accelerator of the AWR6843AOP to perform fundamental radar calculations and application-specific algorithms.


  • Allows a driver to control the following functions in a vehicle by hand gesture:
    • Audio source and volume level
    • AC, lights, and other cabin features
    • Child lock and other safety features
    • Any other small touch targets in the car that are necessary yet distracting to operate
  • Miniature sensor smaller than an inch cube permits easy mounting 
  • All signal processing and detection algorithms performed on-chip with integrated DSP, HW Accelerator, and MCU


  • Infotainment
  • Accessibility
  • Healthcare
  • Clean Manufacturing
  • Industrial Controls

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Application Note (1)

Download “Infotainment Gesture Control Using mmWave Radar Application Note”

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mmWave Software Development Kit (SDK)*

*Software included with purchase of mmWave Radar Sensor

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