Networked motor control and digital power management for energy efficiency

D3 Engineering supports your new product development team with our expertise in Connected Automation. We have nearly 20 years of experience in advanced control algorithms and electronic design for motion and power. We routinely support customers who need to meet IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 specifications for safety-critical applications.

We understand hardware design and advanced control algorithms for motors and digital power systems. We can help you improve energy efficiency by harnessing sensor data and real-time analytics and control. Networked systems improve quality, support sustainable practices, and deliver enormous cost savings.

Get a competitive edge while reducing the risks and costs of new product development.

Design Services

We offer a range of product development services. We can deliver full-cycle embedded system development. Or we can help your product development team with specific tasks such as processor selection, system architecture, sensor integration, and algorithm integration and optimization. For motion control projects we characterize your motor in our evaluation lab to reduce technical risk and provide requirements input to the design phase.

DesignCore® Platforms

Our proven Reference Designs and Development Kits feature industry-leading control processor technology from Texas Instruments, Infineon, and others along with a real-time embedded software framework. Use them to guide your own development, or work with D3 to customize a DesignCore® Platform for your system.

DesignCore® Reference Designs

We use our proven reference designs to deliver rapid proof of concept test units. Then we quickly design custom embedded power and motor control systems optimized for your application.

Motor Control Reference Design
Versatile Platform for Rapid Development of Motor Control Systems
Proven in production control systems for PMSM, BLDC, AC induction, DC, and stepper motors

We start with this flexible Reference Design to quickly create custom motor control systems optimized for your application. The design supports microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, Infineon, Microchip, and NXP. We create production-ready DVTs (design verification test units) using our proven calculation sheets, Matlab® and Simulink® models, template schematics, and a rich library of software modules for various communications interfaces and commutation schemes.

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PFC Reference Design
Digitally Controlled, Interleaved Power Factor Correction
Designed for fast, efficient implementation with main system functions in a single MCU

This Reference Design speeds development of custom digital power and motor control systems for performance-critical applications. Using either TI C2000 or Infineon XMC microcontrollers, we implement the PFC along with main system functions in a single microcontroller with shared ADC.  This yields efficient, cost-saving board assemblies for our customers.

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Start/Stop Boost Converter Reference Design
Digital power control: 3-phase voltage boost with bypass circuitry
Fast proof of concept, faster to market

D3 and Texas Instruments developed this Reference Design for automotive engine start/stop applications. The voltage boost converter supplies a steady voltage to vehicle electronics by boosting during voltage droop events such as engine crank. This Reference Design is available from Texas Instruments.

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Tandem Motion-Power Board Reference Design
Single-chip FPGA-based platform for integrated power and motion control
Eval board for fast startup

D3 and Intel developed this Tandem Motion-Power 48V motor control board featuring a single Max® 10 FPGA to control a bi-directional DC-DC converter as well as two brushless motors. It accelerates development of systems with small fast-spinning motors such as e-turbos, UAVs, surgical instruments, and high-speed pumps.

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Additional Reference Designs
Speeding development of connected power and motion systems

D3 accelerates embedded product development by using proven reference designs for core functions. These include phase-shifted full bridge (PSFB) converters, permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) controllers, digitally-controlled synchronous buck converters, laser drivers, and many more. We optimize systems by implementing multiple reference designs along with product-specific functions using shared microcontrollers and ADCs. This approach gives us excellent design flexibility and significant cost savings for the customer.

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  • Motor Control
  • Solenoid and Valve Control
  • Digital Power Control
  • Connected Drives (remote controlled motors)
  • HVAC
  • EV and Hybrid Vehicle Electronics
  • Smart Grid
  • Sensor Gateways

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