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Camera Monitoring System: Surround View

A Camera Monitoring System can be used for vehicles and robotics to eliminate operator blind spots, provide a greater field of view, and improve safety. Surround View uses four camera inputs to give a 360° view of the area immediately around the vehicle. The camera inputs feed directly into an RVP ECU on the vehicle where the video data from all cameras is stitched into a single, real-time, bird’s-eye view video feed, with the vehicle shown at the center. Overlays that show vehicle position relative to objects, curbs, or individuals enhance the Surround View image.


  • Eliminate operator blind spots 
  • Automate safety zone around equipment 
  • Capture view for incident reporting and corrective actions 
  • Improve safety training effectiveness, reduce potential down time due to incidents 
  • Reduce post incident reporting burden 
  • Improve meaningful work efficiency through automation, routing and scheduling 
  • Use data for remote operation 
  • Record operation for real-time improvements in operation


  • Park Assist
  • Camera Mirror System
  • Blindspot Monitoring
  • Auto Valet Park
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Navigation Assistance
  • Vehicle Safety Bubble Monitoring
  • Incident and Accident Recording
  • Vehicle Security
  • Object Identification

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Download DesignCore Surround View Application Note

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RVP-TDA3x Development Kit: TDA3x RVP SDK*

RVP-TDA2x Development Kit: TDA2x RVP BIOS SDK, TDA2x RVP Linux SDK*

*Software included with purchase of Development Kit

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