High-quality camera modules for performance-critical embedded vision

D3 Engineering’s ODM camera product family features rugged camera modules that are ready for production, as well as board-level cameras and enclosed camera assemblies that we can customize to your requirements.

We integrate high-performance image sensors and optics using the latest manufacturing technologies, ensuring consistent performance across operating conditions. This includes robotic active alignment of optics and 100% unit inspection. Whether volumes are 10 or 10 million, D3 is prepared to support your product with advanced manufacturing in the USA or offshore, using the same validated processes and equipment.


INDUSTRIAL | Materials Handling, Robotics, Machine Vision

TRANSPORTATION |  Automotive, Trucking, Industrial Vehicles

MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC IMAGING | Medical Devices, Instrumentation, Endoscopes, Lab Equipment

DEFENSE | Surveillance, UAVs, Drones

COMMERCIAL | IoT, Security and Surveillance, Retail and Point-of-Sale, Building Automation

D3 ODM Camera Family

These products are compatible with DesignCore® Development Kits and Starter Kits.

Work with our design services team to use these kits and other platforms for rapid technology evaluation, prototypes, and system development. Options include ISP, software drivers, autofocus, and environmental specifications including commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature.

Then rely on us to provide ODM camera modules in the volumes you need for your production systems.

D3 Camera Module Features

  • Quality-controlled assembly with 100% unit inspection to specification
  • High-performance image sensors from major manufacturers
  • Wide range of COTS and custom lenses
  • Camera software support
  • Designed for performance-critical products with long-lifetime availability and support

D3 Engineering Design Services

  • Integration with DesignCore™ embedded vision platforms for rapid evaluation and system development
  • Customization and integration with your embedded vision platform or ours

Learn more about D3 Engineering embedded system design services

D3 Sensor Modules – D3SM

Board-level assembly with direct sensor interface
MIPI CSI-2, LVDS, parallel video

These production-optimized modules are designed for integration into embedded systems. The unenclosed image sensor board has an image sensor with direct digital sensor output, a board-level connector, and a lens mount with an actively-aligned lens.

D3 Sensor Modules are custom designed to meet your application needs. Contact D3 to get started.

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D3 Camera Modules – D3CM

Enclosed assembly supporting standard camera interfaces
FPD-Link™ III, GMSL2 – Available Options
USB 3.0, GigE, CoaXPress®, BroadR-Reach® – Custom Designs

These camera assemblies are designed to support rapid evaluation of image sensor, optics, and interface combinations. They deliver higher performance and more flexibility than COTS camera modules.  The packaged camera solution includes optics, image sensor, and camera data interface. Sealed and unsealed options are available.

View D3CM Camera Modules

D3 Rugged Camera Modules – D3RCM

Ruggedized, fully-enclosed assemblies have sealed connectors and automotive or industrial interfaces

These production-ready modules are designed for ODM use in harsh environments. The sealed, rugged enclosure includes a camera board with image sensor and 100% machine-aligned optics. Mounting interfaces are integrated into the packaging.

The D3RCM supports automotive and industrial platforms. All modules are designed to IP67, automotive, and industrial standards. Fully validated models are available.

View D3RCM Rugged Camera Modules