Accelerate development of autonomous industrial vehicle and robotic systems

D3 Engineering helps your team shorten development time of embedded Autonomous Systems for industrial vehicles and robotics. We create solutions for autonomous navigation, active safety, and automation. Your products will help your customers increase operational efficiencies.


  • Powerful processors performing multi-sensor fusion and real-time analytics. These deliver spatial awareness and navigation capabilities.
  • In-platform connectivity (CAN Bus, WiFi, Bluetooth) combined with external connectivity (RTLS, V2X). This provides situational awareness and decision support.
  • Onboard algorithms and analytics.

Design Services

We offer a range of product development services  for autonomous industrial applications. We can deliver full-cycle embedded system development. Or we can help your product development team with specific tasks such as processor selection, system architecture, sensor integration, and algorithm integration and optimization.

DesignCore® Platforms

Our proven Reference Designs and Development Kits feature industry-leading digital media vision processor and millimeter wave radar sensor technology, along with real-time embedded software frameworks. Use them to guide your own development, or work with D3 to customize a DesignCore® Platform for your system.

DesignCore® Starter Kits

Our Starter Kits are designed for rapid evaluation of technology on the lab bench. Engineers can quickly evaluate and adopt new technology.

DM50x Industrial Starter Kit
2GHz FPD-Link
TI DM50x Digital Media Vision Processor

This benchtop vision kit lets you evaluate embedded autonomous technology on an electronic platform designed with production in mind. It features an advanced digital media vision processor from Texas Instruments along with D3’s advanced vision software framework. You get synchronous acquisition of four HD video streams with real-time vision processing and analytics. The kit includes one 1MP D3 Rugged Camera Module with a wide angle lens. Kit purchase includes software distribution and single-use licensing.


mmWave Sensor Starter Kit
High Performance 76-81GHz Radar-on-a-Chip
mmWave Sensor

This benchtop Starter Kit allows for fast evaluation of D3 modules with Texas Instruments mmWave technology. Features include small form factor module mounted on a baseboard, easy interface to a PC or embedded platform for test and evaluation, application software, and demonstration programs for common industrial radar applications.


DesignCore® Development Kits

RVP-AM57x Development Kit
AM5718 | AM5728 | AM5729 Sitara ARM processor

This development kit enables synchronous acquisition of eight 1080p HD video streams with real-time vision processing and analytics. The SOM board features a TI AM57x processor and firmware with an optimized layout and BOM for fast transition to manufacturing. The customizable baseboard contains IO, power, an expansion interface, and more. We can provide cameras, sensor integration, algorithm development, and customization. Use this Development Kit to rapidly develop your Engineering Verification Test (EVT) unit.

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D3 Rugged Vision Platform with Texas Instruments TDA2Px processor

RVP-TDA2Px Development Kit
TDA2Px  processor

Based on the TDA2Px advanced automotive processors from Texas Instruments and D3’s advanced vision software framework, this kit enables synchronous acquisition of eight 4Gbps FPD-Link III SerDes capture streams with real time processing and analytics. Connect multiple displays using the 1080P 60 FPS capable FPD-Link III display ports. The system is designed to support IP64 environmental ratings with a path to IP67.

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RSP-TX2 Development Kit
Rugged Sensor Platform (RSP) with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Processor
Connect multiple vision and spatial sensors to the Jetson TX2 for deployment in rugged systems

The D3 DesignCore® Jetson TX2 Rugged Sensor Platform (RSP) provides six high-speed SerDes inputs for a variety of vision and spatial sensors. It speeds development of your autonomous and deep learning applications. Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 interfaces are available for control and data offload. There are two independent HDMI displays. SSD and eSATA expansion is available for hours of raw data storage capability. The RSP’s ruggedized enclosure and connectors make it ideal for deployment in the field.

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DMS Development Kit
Operator Authentication and Drowsiness Detection
TI Vision Processor, FotoNation Algorithms

The production-intent kit features industry-leading algorithms from FotoNation, running on D3’s proven DesignCore® rugged vision platform with a Texas Instruments TDA3x advanced vision processor, and two D3 camera modules with 2MP sensors. Ready for field testing, the kit supports industrial autonomous vehicle applications including operator authentication and drowsiness detection.


OEM/ODM Products

Complete systems are ready for direct integration into your industrial vehicle or robotic system. Contact to learn more.

Rugged Camera Modules
Ruggedized, fully-enclosed assemblies have sealed connectors and automotive interfaces
Fully validated models available | FPD-Link™ III, BroadR-Reach®, Ethernet, GMSL2

These production-ready modules are designed for ODM use in harsh environments. The sealed, rugged enclosure includes a camera board with image sensor and 100% machine-aligned optics. Mounting interfaces are integrated into the packaging.

The D3RCM supports automotive and industrial platforms. All modules are designed to IP67, automotive, and industrial standards. Fully validated models are available.


mmWave Sensor Modules
High Performance 76-81GHz mmWave
TI IWR1xxx

These compact mmWave sensor modules facilitate rapid integration of real-time sensing into industrial applications. Features include small form factor module (38mm x 38mm), simple interface, easy integration into embedded systems, customized solutions & support.


DesignCore® Reference Designs

Production-intent DesignCore® Reference Designs can be customized to your application. They include schematics, source code, and more. We typically use one or more proven DesignCore® Reference Designs as part of a D3 Design Services project.

AM57x SOM Reference Design
For compact, high performance autonomous systems
AM5728 or AM5729 Sitara ARM processor

This production-intent reference design is designed for manufacturing. It can be integrated into your product, or you can work with the D3 Engineering design services team to customize it for form, fit, and function.

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  • Materials Handling
  • Autonomous Shipping
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Factory Automation
  • Camera Monitoring Systems
  • Collaborative Robotics

Video Analytics

  • Sparse/Dense Optical Flow
  • Edge Detection
  • Structure from Motion
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Object Classification

D3 Advantage

  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Reduce the risk of new product development
  • Get to market faster with Autonomous Systems

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