Our Solution Center shares use case optimized technology and leverages our DesignCore® assets to help you get started on your product development or proof of concept immediately.

Here you will find a collection of innovative and proven resources that take advantage of years of subject matter expertise in the following areas:

From Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles to drones, we can deliver your end-to-end sensing, perception and control system.

Use Cases:

  • Autonomous Cars
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Material Handling Automation
  • Robo-Taxis
  • Delivery Robots

Leveraging our knowledge of imaging, image science, optics, and radar, we can design, manufacture, and supply cutting-edge sensors.

Use Cases:

  • Medical Devices, Scientific, Life Science
  • Test and Measurment
  • Object Detection and Recognition
  • Computer Vision and Machine Vision
  • Red Green Blue (RGB), Time of Flight (ToF), Radar, Thermal

Analyzing and filtering data in the environment is important for real time embedded systems. Deploying algorithms and classifiers at the edge is necessary in applications ranging from security to product delivery.

Use Cases:

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Smart Camera and Sensors
  • Imaging Analytics

Real time control accomplished with digital embedded systems is necessary for peak performance. We can create your control system from scratch or optimize existing hardware and software to get maximum efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • Power Conversion (Smart Grid)
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Charging
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Servo Drives