DesignCore® Discovery and Velocity Camera Series

Welcome to the next generation of camera modules from D3:

ReDefined image science tuning optimized for AI out-of-the-box.
ReDesigned optics that maximize your signal with higher resolving power and wider apertures.
ReDeployed on the industry’s latest NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and Intel platforms.

Dominate dynamic lighting with the DESIGNCORE® DISCOVERY SERIES.
✓ Latest Generation High-Dynamic Range (HDR)
✓ LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM)
✓ Designed for Multi-Camera Systems

Stop motion dead in its tracks with the DESIGNCORE® VELOCITY SERIES.
✓ Global Shutter
✓ High-Speed Frame Rates
✓ Designed for Multi-Camera Systems

Leverage full-spectrum with the DESIGNCORE® CHROMA SERIES.
✓ Near-Infrared (NIR) Sensitivity
✓ High-Dynamic Range (HDR) and Global Shutter Options
✓ Designed for Multi-Camera Systems

Pre-configured drivers and baseline image tuning are included for each camera on D3's compatible processor platforms.
Upgrade to PRO for IP67 ingress protection, premium lenses, and lens-specific image tuning.
Choose a Smart Camera for easy cross-platform integration with D3's image tuning embedded on the module's internal ISP.

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Need more than off-the-shelf? Build your tailored solution with our team from D3’s catalog of 50,000+ modular combinations.
See how cameras are deployed with D3 processor platforms as complete embedded solutions.
Understand the value D3’s U.S. made cameras provide for demanding applications.

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