DesignCore® Camera Series

Camera modules compatible with the latest NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, and Intel plaftorms:

Rugged PRO versions meet IP67 dust & waterproof standards and feature automotive grade image sensors to AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40°C to +105°C temperature range).
DESIGNCORE® DISCOVERY SERIES for difficult lighting.
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DESIGNCORE® VELOCITY SERIES for accurate motion.
  • Global Shutter
  • High-Speed Frame Rates
  • Designed for Multi-Camera Systems
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DESIGNCORE® CHROMA SERIES for full-spectrum capture.
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  • Pre-configured drivers and baseline image calibration are included for each camera on D3's compatible processor platforms.
  • Upgrade to PRO for IP67 ingress protection and lens-specific image tuning.
  • Choose a camera with onboard Image Signal Processing (ISP) for easy cross-platform integration with D3's image tuning.
  • D3 offers camera customization and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services.
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