Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Services for Camera and Radar Systems

Cost effective low-volume, high-mix manufacturing services scalable to your demand.

What is the D3 ODM Advantage?

  • Sourcing, assembly and test in the U.S. with off-shore assembly available at customer request.
  • Clearly established quality assurance processes with contract manufacturers for fabrication and assembly.
  • Guaranteed warranty and support.

ODM Customer Success Story: Scythe Robotics

Industrial Robotic Lawn Mower: NVIDIA Jetson on D3 Multi-Camera Board and 8 custom D3 Cameras in 4 stereo pairs feeding navigation and AI pipelines.

Vision System

  • 8x MIPI camera input via TI FPD-Link™ III
  • Synchronization for Stereo Depth
  • HDR tuning/fine tuning for outdoor conditions

Production with D3 Cameras and NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Board

Enabling an Autonomous Commercial Mower | D3 and Scythe Robotics Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LJGc5CAapI

ODM Customer Success Story: Ghost Robotics

Legged Robot Rugged Vision Vision 60 System: A rugged all-weather quadruped robot for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland, and enterprise applications.

Vision SystemD3 provides rugged cameras and interface electronics

  • 5 cameras for all around perception
  • 2 in front, one on each side and one in rear
  • Expansion capability up to 6 additional cameras (11 total)
  • High speed imaging fully processed on the edge

Custom & Off-the-Shelf Manufacturing Capabilities for Your Performance-Critical Products