Tandem motion-power 48 V motor control board by Intel and D3

A Single-Chip FPGA-based Platform for Integrated Power and Motion Control

Applications using small fast-spinning motors are driving a need for compact drives with high-frequency control loop updates

“Motor control applications using small fast-spinning motors such as e-turbos, UAVs, surgical instruments and high-speed pumps, and the advent of SiC and GaN switching transistors, are driving a need for compact drives with high-frequency control loop updates. This paper describes a multi-axis motor and power control platform suitable for academic or commercial research and development. It includes motor and power control kit, FPGA development board and FPGA hardware and software design. It supports integrated power and motor control with PWM time resolution up to 300MHz and control update frequencies of 100kHz or more.”

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D3 Engineering provides embedded electronic design services for original equipment manufacturers in commercial, industrial, transportation, infrastructure, medical, and defense industries. Its DesignCore™ platforms and proven stage-gate development processes help D3’s OEM partners to minimize the cost, schedule and technical risks of their new product development. D3 specializes in autonomous systems, embedded vision, connected automation, motor control, and digital power solutions for performance-critical applications. Systems development services include hardware and firmware design, validation testing, transition to production, and OEM/ODM products.

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