DesignCore™ RVP-TDA2x Development Kit supports high-end ADAS technology evaluation under realistic on-vehicle conditions

Editor Contact: Jerome Barczykowski, Autonomous Systems Product Line Manager, D3 Engineering (585) 429-1550


Rochester, NY – April 11, 2017 – D3 Engineering, a Texas Instruments platinum design partner, announces the availability of its DesignCore™ RVP-TDA2x Development Kit for ADAS. This Rugged Vision Platform (RVP) development kit lets product development teams evaluate ADAS technology under realistic on-vehicle conditions. It features the Texas Instruments TDA2x SoC processor by default, with the DRA74x “Jacinto 6” or AM572x available as options.

The kit is available now to qualified design integrators through D3 Engineering. Applications include front or rear cameras with analytics, 3D Surround View with Car Black Box (CarBB), driver monitoring, and mirror replacement and camera monitoring systems (CMS).

The 3GHz FPD-Link III video inputs enable synchronous acquisition of eight 1080p HD video streams with real-time vision processing and analytics. It has independent HDMI and FPD-Link III video outputs along with and Ethernet, CAN bus, USB3.0, and serial connectivity.

The RVP-TDA2x Development Kit includes a SOM processor board, a customizable baseboard, firmware, and demo applications in a compact, rugged package for on-vehicle testing. D3 Engineering offers OEM design services to rapidly develop autonomous vehicle and ADAS products based on this kit.

A complete ADAS Development Kit is also available, which includes the RVP-TDA2x package plus four rugged camera modules, one HD video display, cables, software, and calibration tools. Additional cameras can be purchased separately. The components can be easily removed from the convenient wheeled test platform and installed on a test vehicle after initial verification.

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High-resolution photo of the RVP-TDA2x, a multi-camera platform for high-end ADAS systems. It includes two ARM A15 application processors, up to four Vision Acceleration Pac (EVE) coprocessors, and a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder. The Development Kit supports eight camera inputs, but can be customized as required. 

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