D3 To Showcase Market-Leading Sensor Solutions and AI Capabilities at Sensors Converge 

Featuring real-time, interactive demos that will allow attendees to experience solutions targeted for applications across industrial, automotive, consumer, healthcare, and robotics.

Editor Contact: Ellen Raffaelle, Marketing Manager, D3 (585) 429-1550 press@d3engineering.com

Rochester, NY – June 15, 2023 – D3 announced today its upcoming participation at Sensors Converge 2023 located at booth #905 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, June 20-23, 2023. D3 will present a full range of sensing solutions targeted for applications across industrial, automotive, consumer, healthcare, and robotics, along with unique artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. 

D3 will encourage attendee participation in demonstrations within their booth, where attendees can experience real-time mmWave Radar Sensor Fusion, Radar Gesture Media Control, Vital Signs and People Tracking, as well as Monocular 6D Pose Estimation. 

The Radar Sensor Fusion demo showcases a collection of data from multiple of D3’s DesignCore® mmWave radar sensors. This solution drives visualization and algorithms for facilities monitoring, healthcare, and 360-degree perception for robots and vehicles. 

The Radar Gesture Media Control demo features D3’s DesignCore RS-6843AOPU Sensor and a unique machine learning classifier that identifies the probabilities for nine unique gestures. Attendees can perform the nine hand gestures to control the media player without having to make contact with the screen. 

The highly interactive Vital Signs with People Tracking demo uses the DesignCore RS-6843AOPU Sensor to simultaneously perform people tracking with heartbeat and respiration rate monitoring. Attendees can stand in front of the sensor to have their chest micromovements measured, and their heart rate and respiration rate monitored in real time. This solution is designed for confidential patient, client, or inmate monitoring. 

The Monocular 6D Pose Estimation demo features a unique capability which is critical in pick-and-place robotic applications and augmented reality. The AI-based demo runs on the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ Developer Kit and features the DesignCore Velocity Series camera. The single 2D camera estimates the fully constrained 6D pose (x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw) of an object in space. To interactively visualize the AI network prediction in real time, a live rendering of a 3D bounding box will be placed around an object that visitors can physically hold within the D3 booth. 

To schedule an appointment with a member of D3 during Sensors Converge, interested parties are encouraged to email sales@d3engineering.com

About D3  

D3 provides products, embedded design services and original design manufacturing (ODM) for customers in the mobility, industrial, and commercial sectors. Using its proven DesignCore® product platforms and stage-gate development process, D3 helps its customers minimize the cost, schedule, and technical risks of product development for performance-critical applications. D3 is an Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, an Intel Gold Partner, and a member of Texas Instruments’ third-party network. The company holds expertise in autonomous machines and robotics, electrification, sensing, imaging and optics, edge computing and detection algorithms. To support its products and services, the company offers ODM customization of hardware and software, validation testing and in-house manufacturing services. Learn more at www.D3Engineering.com

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