D3 to Demo Innovative Sensing Technology for ADAS and Industrial Applications at CES 2024 

D3 to demonstrate DesignCore® Radar Sensors, based on Texas Instruments mmWave technology, and custom algorithms at CES 2024.

Editor Contact: Tom Mayo, Product Manager, Radar, D3 (585) 429-1550 press@d3engineering.com

Rochester, NY – January 5, 2024 – D3, in collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI), will be demonstrating two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. This highly interactive demonstration includes TI mmWave radar technology and features helpful parking assistance and Kick-to-Open use cases. 

“D3 has collaborated with Texas Instruments to help deliver advanced sensing and processing solutions for performance-critical applications,” said Brandon Seiser, Product Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments. “D3’s hardware, software, and algorithm expertise along with TI’s high-performance radar sensors help provide tailored solutions for unique customer use cases.”   

The parking assistance demo uses two D3 RS-2944A corner radar sensors based on the TI AWR2944 radar SoC, plus a central D3 RS-L1432 rear radar based on the TI AWRL1432 radar SoC. These sensors are programmed with detection and tracking algorithms to effectively sense around the vehicle. Data from both sensor types is aggregated to form a complete picture for the driver while parking. You will be able to see this in a unique visualizer on display with the demo. Each sensor’s returns are colored so you can see which device they are from. All the returns are also processed together into clusters and tracked on screen. The AWR2944 radar sensors perform advanced processing and contain 4 transmitters and 4 receivers for high resolution. They also include the RF front end, radar processing accelerator, DSP, and microprocessor for complete stand-alone solutions. 

The Kick-to-Open demo uses the same D3 RS-L1432U, a low-cost, low-power TI AWRL1432-based radar sensor. This shows that the radar sensors can serve multiple functions on the vehicle simultaneously. The detection and tracking algorithm allows attendees to simulate opening a vehicle liftgate with a kick of their foot. They can perform the kick action and then watch detection in the same visualizer used for parking assistance. The AWR1432 radar sensor performs advanced processing and contains 2 transmitters and 3 receivers. It also includes the RF front end, radar processing accelerator, and microprocessor for complete stand-alone solutions. 

“We are excited to continue collaborating with TI to showcase D3’s brand-new radar sensors and custom algorithms”, said Tom Mayo, D3’s Lead Product Manager. Tom continued to say, “At D3, we take TI’s proof of concept demos and evaluation hardware, customize and tune them, and then bring them to deployment readiness for our product development customers. We have years of in-depth experience combining TI’s mmWave devices with advanced algorithm development. We are very interested in meeting CES attendees who could use the technologies we are demonstrating so we can discuss their unique applications.” 

These ADAS demonstrations will be presented at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 9 to 12, 2024. To experience both demonstrations, visit Texas Instruments in LVCC North Hall, room N116. 

About D3  

D3 is a 100% U.S.-based company that develops end-to-end solutions integrating sensors, connectivity, embedded processing and AI to deliver advanced perception for performance-critical applications. Using its proven DesignCore® product platforms and stage-gate development process, D3 helps its customers minimize the cost, schedule, and technical risks of product development for performance-critical applications. D3 is an Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, an Intel Gold Partner, and a premium member of Texas Instruments’ third-party network. The company holds expertise in autonomous machines and robotics, electrification, sensing, imaging and optics, edge computing and detection algorithms. To support its products and services, the company offers ODM customization of hardware and software, validation testing and in-house manufacturing services. Learn more at www.D3Engineering.com. 

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