D3 Collaborates with Microsoft to Deploy Time of Flight Imaging Technology in Industrial Applications

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Rochester, NY – January 26, 2021 D3 Engineering today is announcing its collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform programsetup to provide access to Microsoft’s 3D Time of Flight imaging technology to a 3rd party ecosystem. This technology, developed for use in Hololens and Kinect, will allow D3 Engineering to create embedded spatial sensing systems, and deliver customized depth camera modules for camera makers and other OEMs. Further, by integrating with Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based learning and algorithm solutions, the technology can be leveraged to exponentially increase effectiveness.

Microsoft’s advanced Time of Flight technology is highly desirable in a whole host of applications beyond the previous successful use cases in Gaming and Mixed Reality,” said Tom MayoProduct Manager for Spatial Sensing at D3 Engineering. “D3 Engineering is excited to bring our extensive experience in embedded sensing systems design to provide solutions based on Microsoft’s technology. In our collaboration with Microsoft, we look forward to creating new, innovative sensing solutions for our customers.  

D3 Engineering offers design services for customized hardware and software solutions based on various technologies, and develops production-intent sensors, cameras, and compute platforms. Sensors based on Microsoft’s Time of Flight technology, interfacing with a selection of embedded compute platforms, enables D3 Engineering to better meet the market’s need for performance-critical embedded sensing systems. 

To assist with complete systems solutions, D3 Engineering’s unique advantages include U.S.-based design and engineering team as well as expertise in design and integration with Time of Flight, radaroptics, and motion control. The company has over 20 years of history creating robust, rugged cameras and embedded platforms. D3 Engineering leverages its DesignCore® platforms and reference designs to accelerate time-to-market while reducing the cost and risk of product development. 

“We welcome D3 Engineering as Microsoft’s partner in solving customer challenges using our 3D sensing technology and Azure,” said Daniel Barhead of business incubation for the Silicon & Sensor’s group at Microsoft“Their experience in embedded system development and understanding of our platform combined with our Computer Vision and AI expertise will help democratize cloud connected 3D cameras. 

About D3 Engineering

D3 Engineering provides embedded electronic design services and original design manufacturing (ODM) products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the industrial, transportation, infrastructure and commercial sectors. Using its proven DesignCore Platforms and stage-gate development process, D3 Engineering helps its partners minimize the cost, schedule, and technical risks of new product development for performance-critical applications. D3 Engineering specializes in Autonomous Systems, Edge AI, Robotics, Safety, and Control solutions. The company provides hardware design, firmware design, validation testing, transition to production, and ODM products. Learn more at www.D3Engineering.com.

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