D3 Becomes NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner for Camera Development

Rochester, NY – August 20, 2018 D3 Engineering today announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner Program for camera development, gaining access to the Jetson camera toolchain to create embedded vision systems.  By utilizing the Jetson platform, D3 can deliver high-performance and cost-optimized custom camera systems.

“NVIDIA is a leader in AI computing at the edge and Jetson is one of the fastest-growing embedded computing platforms,” said Jason Enslin, product line manager for embedded vision at D3 Engineering. “D3 is excited to bring our extensive experience in embedded imaging systems design to the Jetson platform.  As a Jetson Preferred Partner, we look forward to working even more closely with NVIDIA to create innovative new camera solutions for our customers.”

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D3 Engineering provides:

  • Driver development and bring-up for image sensors and cameras.
  • Image tuning on the Jetson ISP to optimize camera performance for the application.
  • Design of production-ready cameras and rugged camera modules.

Interfacing with Jetson enables D3 to better meet its customers’ needs for performance-critical embedded vision systems.

D3’s unique advantages include its US-based design and engineering team for embedded systems development; expertise in optics design and integration; and strength in motion control systems for focus, zoom, apertures, and shutters.

The company has nearly 20 years of experience creating robust, rugged camera modules with image sensors from Sony, ON Semiconductor, OmniVision and others. D3 leverages its DesignCore® platforms and reference designs to accelerate the design process while reducing their customers’ risk in new product development.

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“We welcome D3 to our Jetson Preferred Partner program,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management for autonomous machines at NVIDIA. “Their experience in embedded vision system development and understanding of our platform will help enrich the Jetson ecosystem.”

About D3 Engineering

D3 Engineering provides embedded electronic design services for original equipment manufacturers in commercial, industrial, transportation, infrastructure, medical, and defense industries. Its DesignCore™ platforms and proven stage-gate development processes help D3’s OEM partners to minimize the cost, schedule and technical risks of their new product development. D3 specializes in autonomous systems, embedded vision, connected automation, motor control, and digital power solutions for performance-critical applications. Systems development services include hardware and firmware design, validation testing, transition to production, and OEM/ODM products.

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