D3 Announces Camera Compatibility with NVIDIA Isaac ROS

D3 provides developers with off-the-shelf and customized sensing solutions compatible with the NVIDIA Isaac ROS Argus Camera package, enabling powerful perception capabilities for robotics applications.

Editor Contact: Jason Enslin, Director of Business Development, D3 (585) 429-1550 press@d3engineering.com

D3, an NVIDIA Elite Partner, announced that its DesignCore® Discovery and Velocity Series cameras are compatible with the Isaac ROS Argus Camera package. This support provides customers with the high-quality, rugged SerDes-enabled sensing technology required to build high-performance robotic solutions.

“D3 is focused on delivering advanced perception solutions to accelerate development of performance-critical robotic systems,” said Jason Enslin, Director of Business Development at D3. “Our 100% U.S.-made DesignCore Discovery and Velocity Series cameras offer drivers that seamlessly integrate with the Isaac ROS GEMs for ROS hardware acceleration.”

The Isaac ROS Argus Camera module contains a ROS 2 package for sensor processing to output images. Image sensors are connected via CSI, FPD-Link, and GMSL hardware interfaces to NVIDIA Jetson platforms. This package uses dedicated hardware engines to accelerate image processing. The package is also powered by NVIDIA Isaac Transport for ROS (NITROS), which leverages type adaptation and negotiation to optimize message formats and dramatically accelerate communication between participating nodes. Read for more details: https://github.com/NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_argus_camera

The compatible cameras in the DesignCore Discovery Series feature either a Sony IMX390 or ISX031 image sensor, with high dynamic range (HDR), LED flicker mitigation, and frame sync support that results in high-quality video even in dynamic lighting conditions. Download the DesignCore Discovery Series (IMX390 Sensor) and DesignCore Discovery Series (ISX031 Sensor) datasheets for more information.

The compatible cameras in the DesignCore Velocity Series feature an onsemi AR0234 image sensor, which utilizes a global shutter and high frame rates to deliver superior image quality in strobe illumination and challenging motion scenes. Download the DesignCore Velocity Series (AR0234 Sensor) datasheet for more information.

Both Series include a ruggedized PRO lineup featuring premium lenses, lens-specific image tuning, and IP67 ingress protection. Download the DesignCore Discovery PRO Series (IMX390 Sensor), DesignCore Discovery PRO Series (ISX031 Sensor), and DesignCore Velocity PRO Series (AR0234 Sensor) datasheets to learn more.

D3 also offers camera customization, NVIDIA Jetson-based carrier boards, and integration services to meet your specific use-case needs. D3 can produce your design as well with their 100% U.S. in-house ODM services.

Pricing and Availability

The compatible DesignCore Discovery and Velocity Series cameras are available for order online at https://www.d3engineering.com/isaac-ros-cameras. Customers can pair their cameras with one of D3’s off-the-shelf NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Boards or Interface Cards here: https://www.d3engineering.com/board-cards/nvidia

NVIDIA is sponsoring ROSCon this year in New Orleans, LA. Learn more about the latest announcements on the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/events/roscon/.

About D3

D3 is a 100% U.S.-based company that develops end-to-end solutions integrating sensors, connectivity, embedded processing and AI to deliver advanced perception for performance-critical applications. Using its proven DesignCore® product platforms and stage-gate development process, D3 helps its customers minimize the cost, schedule, and technical risks of product development for performance-critical applications. D3 is an Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network. The company holds expertise in autonomous machines and robotics, electrification, sensing, imaging and optics, edge computing and detection algorithms. To support its products and services, the company offers ODM customization of hardware and software, validation testing and in-house manufacturing services. Learn more at www.D3Engineering.com.

Follow D3 on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/d3-engineering/

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