Embedded systems development with Texas Instruments AM57x Sitara™ processors


Get to market faster, with less risk

D3 Engineering develops embedded vision systems using Texas Instruments’ Sitara™ AM57x processors, taking full advantage of the processors’ accelerated multimedia and industrial communication features.

A platinum member of the TI Design Network, we can help your product development team get to market faster. Our chip-down design capability, SOM reference designs, development kits, and TI software expertise all serve to accelerate your product development.

TI SOC software experience

We have extensive expertise in vision system development using Texas Instruments vision and multimedia processors. This includes:

EVE core algorithm development and optimization
Embedded Linux development
Camera driver development
Camera and sensor integration
Video chain implementation and optimization
ICSS-PRU-based industrial networking
Multi-core SOC application development

We provide software and licenses for the Texas Instruments Vision SDK and Processor SDK. We have developed a wide range of D3 Engineering demonstration applications to aid in your application development and for proof-of-concept testing.

Vision systems design expertise

With decades of experience, we understand how to get the most from vision processors, image sensors, and optics. We excel at video analytics, imaging system design, real-time image processing, and wired or wireless connectivity.

Chip-down design

We offer deliver full-cycle embedded systems development for customers who need an application-specific baseboard to achieve their goals, such as lowest product cost or ability to fit a specific form factor. Or we can help your product development team with specific tasks such as system architecture, sensor integration, and algorithm integration and optimization. Learn more about our Design Services:

DesignCore™ Development Platforms

AM57x SOM Reference Design

For compact, high performance autonomous systems
AM5728 or AM5729 Sitara ARM processor

This production-intent reference design is designed for manufacturing. It can be integrated into your product, or you can work with the D3 Engineering design services team to customize it for form, fit, and function.

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RVP-AM57x Development Kit

RVP-AM57x Development Kit

AM5718 | AM5728 | AM5729 Sitara ARM processor

8-Channel System with EVE and/or ISS coprocessors

This development kit enables synchronous acquisition of eight 1080p HD video streams with real-time vision processing and analytics. The SOM board features a TI AM57x processor and firmware with an optimized layout and BOM for fast transition to manufacturing. The customizable baseboard contains IO, power, an expansion interface, and more. We can provide cameras, sensor integration, algorithm development, and customization. Use this Development Kit to rapidly develop your Engineering Verification Test (EVT) unit.

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