Your fastest, lowest-risk path to market

DesignCore® Platforms are proven collections of hardware, software, applications, firmware, and testing that accelerate your time to market and lower your risk. These platforms range from entry-level units designed for quick and affordable bench testing to rugged field-deployable and production-intent units.

Starter Kits

DesignCore® Starter Kits are designed for rapid evaluation of technology on the lab bench. Engineers can quickly evaluate new technology under controlled conditions, develop algorithms, create a proof of concept, and define system requirements. D3 Engineering’s Design Services team can help.

Development Kits

DesignCore® Development Kits are designed for rapid in-field use. They are typically rugged with wide temperature range, wide input voltage, and environmental protection. They are perfect for prototyping in real-world situations. The D3 Engineering Design Services team can help your engineering team use and customize development kits to get your product to market faster.

Reference Designs

Production-intent DesignCore® Reference Designs can be customized to your application. They include schematics, source code, and more. We typically use one or more proven DesignCore™ Reference Designs as part of a D3 Design Services project.

OEM/ODM Products

Our complete systems are ready for direct integration into your vehicle or robotic system.