Welcome to D3's Virtual D.A.V.E. Platform!

D.A.V.E., otherwise known as the Demonstrator of Autonomous Vehicle Equipment, is an interactive platform that allows you to experience our Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems technology as if you were actually taking a ride inside the vehicle. All demos feature D3’s DesignCore® Solutions which include proven core elements we’d use to build your next product; mitigating risk and accelerating your time to market.

All DesignCore® Solutions can be replicated by purchasing hardware and obtaining software from D3, and can be used as a proof-of-concept platform or as a starting point for your production product development. If you’re interested in developing a product of your own, contact our experts using the buttons here in the Virtual D.A.V.E. tool.

Viewing the Vehicle

Click and drag the vehicle with your mouse to spin the car around. Move up and down on your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the car. Our DesignCore® technology is showcased on the exterior, and in the interior and trunk of the vehicle.


Click on one of the hotspots to view a demo.

Hotspot Navigation

If you would like to access each hotspot quickly without having to find it on the vehicle, use this navigation list.

Contact D3

Click this button to contact us if you’d like to receive more information on a demo or are interested in developing a product of your own.

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