Baseline Image Calibration

Uncalibrated ISP Output
Calibrated ISP Output

Baseline image calibration is the process by which Image Signal Processing (ISP) is optimized for a specific camera to a set of standard conditions, enabling adequate operation in most use cases.

  • Good enough for some use cases, demos and for development start
  • Calibrated Black Level Correction, Auto White Balance, Lens Shading Correction, Color Correction
  • ISP Baseline Characterization is performed using proprietary ISP tools from Texas Instruments, Intel, NVIDIA, Sony, and other platforms upon request

Lens Specific Image Tuning

Lens Distortion Before Correction
Lens Distortion After Correction
Lens Shading Before Correction
Lens Shading After Correction

This process adds image tuning tailored for your specific camera optics.

  • Lens Shading, Distortion Correction, and Special sharpening as needed

Fine-Tuning Services For Customer Specific Use Cases

AI / Machine Vision

Customer use cases may vary widely, and D3 specializes in tuning for unique use cases, from endoscopes, automotive, machine vision to aerospace. All of these systems have very different requirements and are tuned differently according to their applications.

  • Improve overall image quality performance for challenging use cases and achieve use-case specific objective and/or subjective KPIs
  • Enable and tune special modes such as RGB-IR, NIR, non-Bayer CFAs, or High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Tuning for specific lighting conditions – LED with Flicker Mitigation, IR, strobe, multi-spectral, etc.
  • Includes targeted field testing and data collection to refine our solutions and guarantee exceptional results in real-world scenarios
  • Fine tuning may include tuning of Noise Suppression, Sharpening, Tone Mapping, Color, Flicker Mitigation, MTF, 3A [Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Auto Focus]

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