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  • Artificial Intelligence System Using MIPI CSI-2 Cameras and the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

    Visual input is driving Edge AI and the need for multi-sensors processing in low power, high performance compute systems. An AI system which allows you to run demanding AI algorithms at video rates can be created by combining MIPI CSI-2 cameras with the NVIDIA Jetson Platform. The MIPI CSI-2 image sensors output raw data directly from the image sensor with no need for conversion or compression, and without as much protocol overhead as an Ethernet or USB data link. The MIPI CSI-2 camera’s full-resolution and uncompressed video feed provides high-quality data, and these cameras can be placed exactly where they need to be via SerDes link. The Jetson’s ISP and GPU, and other accelerators, enables the processing of data at high frame rates.

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  • Tracking Social Distance Using mmWave Radar

    Effective application examples have used mmWave radar to track people in confined spaces such as break rooms, hallways, and retail establishments. An algorithm to track people can be updated to react when multiple people are standing close together. This feature acts as an impartial reminder to maintain social distance to minimize the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19.

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  • D3RCM-IMX390-953 Rugged Camera Module
  • DesignCore® Antenna on Package mmWave Radar Sensors

Virtual D.A.V.E. Demo

Experience the Demonstrator of Autonomous Vehicle Equipment (D.A.V.E.) online as if you were taking a ride in person with one of our team members. Demonstration applications include front camera AI-based object detection, mmWave radar, mirror replacement systems, and many other radar and camera systems in real live scenarios.

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