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  • Radar Algorithm Development in an Industrial Environment

    mmWave radar can be applied in various industrial applications to improve safety and efficiency. Algorithims are used to cluster and track radar returns over time to identify the movement and activities of equipment and people.

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  • Camera Monitoring System: Surround View for Industrial Applications

    A Camera Monitoring System for industrial vehicles and robotics that eliminates operator blind spots, provides a greater field of view, and improves safety.

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  • Tracking Social Distance Using mmWave Radar

    Effective application examples have used mmWave radar to track people in confined spaces such as break rooms, hallways, and retail establishments. An algorithm to track people can be updated to react when multiple people are standing close together. This feature acts as an impartial reminder to maintain social distance to minimize the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19.

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  • DesignCore® RS-1843A Automotive Radar Sensor Evaluation Kit
  • AOPU

Virtual D.A.V.E. Demo

Experience the Demonstrator of Autonomous Vehicle Equipment (D.A.V.E) online as if you were taking a ride in person with one of our team. Demonstration applications include front camera AI based object detection, mmWave radar, mirror replacement systems, and many other radar and camera systems in real live scenarios.  Tour the vehicle yourself or request an online virtual tour from a D3 team member.

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