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  • Radome Comparison and Design Verification

    Ruggedizing radar systems offers unique challenges over other modes of sensing. An enclosure or other environmental barrier is required to offer protection from the elements, and this enclosure can have an impact on the radar signal. Learn how we studied the effects of material thickness on the radar signal, then developed an optimal rugged enclosure for our DesignCore® RS-1642 mmWave Radar Sensor.

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  • Smart Sensor Fusion Data Acquisition System

    This solution features a portable and low-power data acquisition system that can be used in the field to collect data from a wide variety of sensors such as: vision, infrared, time-of-flight, radar, and LiDAR. The system can record data in high fidelity without sacrificing storage space, eliminate hand labeling, and greatly reduce human error due to its rule-based automated recording capability. Learn how this solution enables the recording of data simultaneously from different sensors in a synchronous manner.

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Virtual D.A.V.E. Demo

Experience the Demonstrator of Autonomous Vehicle Equipment (D.A.V.E.) online as if you were taking a ride in person with one of our team members. Demonstration applications include front camera AI-based object detection, mmWave radar, mirror replacement systems, and many other radar and camera systems in real live scenarios.

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