Connected, embedded intelligence for performance-critical systems

We focus on embedded systems development for commercial, industrial, infrastructure and transportation applications. This gives us the industry-specific experience we need to design your product from the systems level. Your design team can rely on our knowledge of sensors, optics and photonics, digital power management, motor control, real-time algorithm development, and system optimization. We give you a competitive advantage in performance-critical applications. 


Smart home, building automation, public safety, retail and point-of-sale, high-end consumer products.


Industrial vehicles, factory automation, machine vision, collaborative robotics, digital power management, motor control.


Security and surveillance, smart cities, grid automation.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles, intelligent transportation systems.


D3 Engineering has the specialized design skills, proven technologies, and reliable development process you need. Let us help you pave the fastest, lowest-risk path to market. Contact today.